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Wireless SD Cards

Wireless SD Cards

Once upon a time you had to pull an SD card from your camera and upload pictures to a PC in order to share them or to see what is on the card. Not anymore. The Toshiba Wireless products include a built-in wireless LAN chip plus an antenna that makes it accessible to any WLAN-capable PC, smartphone or tablet. You'll be able to show off those awesome vacation episodes moments after they happen without needing cables or adaptors — anywhere.

The FlashAir™ Wireless Memory Cards and NFC (Near Field Communication) Memory Cards open up a world of possibilities. Yet it's the easiest thing in the world to keep the overview of your shots and share.

Toshiba High Speed Professional class 10 cards are fully compliant with the latest SD Association specification. We guarantee a minimum write and read speed of 10MB/s.

Check here if your camera is compatible with FlashAir™


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